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It seems that I found a bug, when I jump in certain area they teleport me for more advance area in game, than I cannot resolve the puzzle. They put me after a river, and I am a robot, I canot pass to return. 

EDIT: I finished the game, but I understand now that the bug only appear when you are jumping alot with the mole in your inventory. You can verify it if you want in future make an update. Awesome game \o/

Dear prefim, may I please re-share your games (not just this one:) on my github project page?  More details about the project in my profile --> Thank you in advance! Retro Fan

You can share links back to this page if you wish but do not put copies of the game elsewhere. I lose the ability to track downloads and also update any people who have the game, with new versions or news.

Hi prefim, understand. Thank you.

On the whole, R1iTPoD it a nice little game. I liked the idea of communication / description on joy down. However, I have a few gripes with it:
  • the game is very short -- a Dizzy-like game should have Dizzy-like length :)
  • there are too many red herring objects
  • it was not clear what one must do to win the game. I would rather have three down-arrows next to the transmitter, which would disappear one-by-one as one puts the required items down. Or there could be some change to the transmitter (shape, color, etc.).
  • positioning the enemies to the extreme right of the screen is a very evil move, because basically you have to press jump right away when you enter the screen from the right
  • jump height felt inconsistent, even if it probably wasn't. Maybe because of the placement of tree branches?
  • it would have been nice if the items had names! Some were easy to recognize, but some (lump of coal, pipe?) not really.

Disclaimer: coming from C64, I haven't been able to fully acclimatize to the average quality of Spectrum games. Some of my problems (attribute clashes, no music) can be attributed to that. I know there is music on 128k, but I wasn't able to load the game in Fuse with the 128k ROM.